Send an Update Request at a Specific Time on a Specific Day

RebSchr ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have read several post regarding the ability to control an update request / timing.  I have tried this multiple ways.

1) Created a Form - I struggled with the team picking the correct date (this was necessary). I setup a Outlook Calendar Reminder weekly so it would  remind them at a specific time.  When they submitted the update, I then had it add the information as a new row.  This was not easy to see who was missing and I would rather have the full list of team members already on the sheet. 

2) Request an Update - I scheduled these weekly - HOWEVER, the update request are coming between 12:00am and  6:00am on my trigger date.  These alerts are waking up my engineers who monitor their emails for potential system alerts.  I even suggested that they create a rule in Outlook to move it to a specific folder so that it did not disturb them. 

3) Alert & Reminders - I created reminders for them to update the sheet with their schedule. Even with the link, they preferred something that was easier to update.  They liked Option 2's format.

4) Send update request - set specific date and time of request. This did solve for the  timing, HOWEVER, I would need to set these update requests for each row in my sheet, for each team member. 35 Team Members X 52 Weeks in a year = 1820 manual update requests that I would  need to add.

Any other suggestions, tips, tricks, thoughts?