Auto-fill is just plain broken - or just so dumb it seems broken

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a project management sheet with roughly 800 rows. I have one column called "phase" which tells folks who work on multiple project types, the project phase of the project for their reports (Leads, Pre-Development, Development, Checklist).

On my column for phase I set the first row to be "Development" for the phase. I think make a simply formula for row two that looks at row 1 (=Phase1). I then copy that formula down all 800 task rows of the sheet.

However it is common for a new task to be added somewhere in the middle of the project sheet. When this happens I fully expect the Phase row to be auto-filled with =Phase1 which is the formula of the rows above it and below it.

However, this *never* works. I have read many posts in the Community with similar behavior. Does anyone know how to get auto-fill to work in this circumstance?