Smartsheet Merge and Transpose

edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations


I have two sheets.  

One sheet is a list of items to be offered at a charity auction with a different row for each item and columns with specific (Item number, donor, minimum bid, winning bidder number, cost etc).

The 2nd sheet is a list of the bidders with a sum of the total that they have bid (bidder number, count of items purchased, total cost etc).

I need to be able to produce a summary for each bidder that includes a each item that they have purchased and the price, as well as the sum of all of their purchases.  The number of items that an individual purchases can very. 

I would like to use the Google Mail Merge to add all of this to a Google Doc to automatically generate receipts that could be emailed and/or printed.  The Smartsheet Mail merge only allows data from one row to put on a separate document, so I need to have all of this data in one row on a single sheet or report.  

Does anyone have any ideas about how to proceed.  I am kind of stuck.  

Thank you,

Tim J