Linked Cells that are not read-only

Brandi Baker
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

We keep our master calendar/schedule in Smartsheet. Every year, we create a new copy of the sheet and insert dates for the new year, but the majority of the other content stays the same. Is there a way to do a cell linkage where the linked cell in the destination sheet IS editable? 

For example, for each row on the calendar, we have a due date (column 1) and a description of the task (column 2). If a description is updated in the 2019 version of the sheet, I would also like that change to be made in the 2020 sheet. However, we still need this field to be editable on the 2020 (destination) sheet because those descriptions/business processes can also change in 2020. 

Because our schedule is so robust, we always plan a year in advance. So although we are going through the tasks for 2019, we are also creating the 2020 calendar in tandem. Basically, I want to catch any changes that are made in the 2019 version on the 2020 version so they are in sync. 

If functionality other than linked cells would solve this problem, please let me know!