Pivot Sheet & formulas

HI, I've used pivot sheet to gather required information to show up in a sheet. I've attached a clip of the final result which works great except for the fact that I have formulas in some cells. When a new row is created, the formulas in the cells from above don't copy into the new cells. 

Can someone help me out.




  • Hi Frankie—

    It appears from your screenshot that the formulas you're wanting to autofill exist in parent rows on your sheet. The autofill formulas capability in Smartsheet won't autofill a formula across parent rows. (This is by design.)

    In this case, you'll need to manually copy your formula down to the next parent row, once you create it.

    Let me know if you were wanting rows to autofill on different rows and I'll be happy to help with a screenshot of those rows and an example of your function.

  • haznedarj
    haznedarj ✭✭✭

    Hi I have the same issue. Can you share how I can get rows updated automatically with the formula above when new data gets added and synced within the pivot sheet? Thx. 

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