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Cashflow Overview from Date columns

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Hi all,


i have checked almost every single discussions, but still looking for my solution:

Case: building houses with 6 payment steps from our customers (revenue), and consider 6-8 payment steps for our contractors (cost)

Note: this part we are able to do



1.) finally have a mastersheet with follow columns:

    January-December or alternative weeks for the hole year

   rows: Cost, Revenue

   Goal: see all time after a transaction the updated Cashlow to planning safely next investments


2.)  Contractor Sheet which includes 6-8 columns with start and end date each Job/Payment Steo and connect each columns to a Cell with the Amount, e.G.

Project Summary each House and Customer is 500.000 USD, 

Step 1 (Foundation) Start Date February 1st - End Date (60 Days) = March 30th, Payment Step 1 would be 9,5 % = 47.500 USD

GOAL: this Amount 47.500 should be moved in the Columns March, and so on until STEP 8, within entering Start Date or later chanfe the date the rest should change automatically


3.)  Customer Sheet: exact same like  Contractor Sheet

4.) Result from 3.) and 4.) should rool up in 1.) Master sheet


as i am new to this task, maybe i overlooked something, i also checked Zapier.com, which i honestly like not too much.


every advice are very welcome


Thanks alot








  • JohnHinkle
    JohnHinkle ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Maku!


    1. I am not sure what this means, "see all time after a transaction the updated Cashlow to planning safely next investments" could you please clarify? 


    2. If I follow what you want to do, this can be done using formulas. You can calculate your payments for each month in each month column. Adjusting the original amount would adjust all the other amounts and you can base it all on how long they have to repay.


    4. Use cell linking to create a roll up sheet.

  • maku

    Hi John,


    many Thanks for your Reply!


    1.) I mean with receiving payments (6 Steps with about 8 Month), each Amount will appear directly in a Sheet on the right Month. In conjunction with the cost for my Contractor.


    2.) i create aready different formulas, but waht i need maybe can only done with a Tools like Zapier.


    Anyway, i will still play around withit until i am happy







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