Locking or freezing the TODAY() formula

David Budnick
David Budnick ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Good day all, I've looked around in the community about locking or freezing a current date, but I'm still having issues. My goal is to lock a start date that's triggered by entering a X and have that current date freeze until the x is removed. 

When an X is entered in the Visit column, that triggers a start date to populate which triggers a next visit date to populate. I've been successful in excel, but not smartsheet (yet). The formula in excel is a iterative calculation where N8 stands for Visit and M8 stands for Start Date. The formula I'm using in excel is =IF(N8 = "","",IF(M8="",TODAY(),M8)) and this freezes the start date accordingly, but not so much in Smartsheet.  

My smartsheet formulas right now are; Start Date =IF(Visit7 = "X", TODAY()) This then populates the Next Visit date which is formula =IF([Meeting Frequency]7 = "ANNUAL", [Start Date]7 + 365)

My current sheet below  shows the 2/22/19 date which will change tomorrow and needs to be "locked" once the X is entered and remain 2/22/19  until the X in Visit is removed

Could anyone help me correct the Start Date formula to what it needs to be? 

Thank you


Smartsheet screen shot.JPG


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