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Automating RYG balls based on checkboxes

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I'm trying to create a function to accomplsh the following: 


If coulumn 2 is checked, and column 3 is not checked, then the RYG ball in column 4 is green. If Column 2 is not checked, and column 3 is checked, then the RYG ball in column 4 is Red. When nothing in column 2 or 3 is checked, no RYG ball is displayed in column 4. 


Any help?? Thanks


  • user23

    Wow, drank some coffee and solved my own problem. Lol. Here's the function: 


    =IF(AND([Column2]1 = 1, [Column3]1 = 0), "Green", IF(AND([Column2]1 = 0, [Column3]1 = 1), "Red")) 



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
  • Chelsea Clark
    edited 10/25/16


    Is it possible to create a function that will automate RYGB balls based on a column call "Status Details" with the following drop down options:


    Not Yet Started - would like a blue ball

    Review - would like a yellow ball

    Complete - would like a green ball

    Outstanding - would like a red ball


    Thank you.

  • Clark Penney

    Totally dont understand what i am missing on this on :'(
    Can some one Help please, many many thanks!!!

    =IF(AND([Due Date]1 < TODAY(), [Customer Sign off]1 = 0), "Red"))

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Not quite sure.

    Except for the extra ) at the end, it looks OK but did not work for me either (without it)


    =IF(AND([Due Date]1 < TODAY(), [Customer Sign off]1 = 0), "Red", "")


    adds the false condition, but that is not needed


    =IF(AND([Due Date]1 < TODAY(), [Customer Sign off]1 = 0), "Red")


    works too. 

    I retyped it and it works now.






  • Clark Penney
    edited 02/02/17


    Awesome thank you so much!

    =IF([Due Date]1 > TODAY(), "Green", IF([Due Date]1 = TODAY(), "Yellow", IF(AND([Due Date]1 < TODAY(), [Customer Sign off]1 = 1), "Gray", "Red")))

    ^^^^^^Final form! and it works awesome!!!

    Thanks again, your lifesaver!

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