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Can you sort rows or filter in the iOS app?

I am trying to sort a list from ascending to descending in the iOS app.  Or filter out values less than a certain number.  Seems like this would be very standard functionality for a spreadsheet.  Am I missing something?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • We have the ability to view a filter in the iOS app today, but not to create one.  So, if you've got a filter on the sheet on the desktop the last time you save, you can apply that filter in the app by tapping the funnel-shaped icon on the bottom toolbar.  More flexibility with filters will be coming soon!  We don't have the ability to sort a sheet from the app today, but it is definitely on our enhancement list and we're getting there as soon as we can.  I'll add your vote! 

  • We just purcahsed smartsheet today to track, sort, and organize inventory in the field. Using the mobile app is easy, but a simple functionality like sorting (which should be an absolute basic feature) is fairly integral to even using a huge list in the field. I strongly suggest this feature be considered for addition sooner than later. I really want to stay with smartsheet and do not want to have to cancel my subscription because the mobile app is missing such standard feature so many other apps already have.

  • Hi Chris, I can assure you it's on the list and we're getting there as quickly as possible.  You might also look into using a Report to organize the information in your sheet, since they nicely support sorting and filtering when specifying the report, and you can make updates to the data from the Report itself.  In addition, sorting in a report doesn't affect the row order in the sheet for other users, so can work better in collaborative scenarios. 

  • Chris Kirk
    edited 05/25/16

    Thanks Erik, but apparently we must upgrade our subscription for this feature Frown

  • This option doesn't work for me either. 

    Can you please push this issue into urgent mode. We have several users that desperately need this accessibility in the field (mobile IOS users on both phone and IPad). This will greatly increase our efficiency across the company. 

    Thank you again for expediting this matter. 

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