Open shared sheet from email message in the app, not the browser?

I'm wondering if there's a way for me to receive an email from a colleague where they ask me to view/update/edit a sheet, click on the 'Open in Smartsheet' button, and have it open in the Smartsheet desktop app - NOT in my web browser?

I like to work exclusively in the app, and it's extra steps to close out of the browser window and go back into the app to find what was shared with me.

I feel like this is obvious (there should be a 'Always open these links in Smartsheet App' or something to that effect), but have been at it a while with no success.

I don't think I can currently get the add-on for Outlook as the email server we use at work is an exchange account.



  • Hi Jenna—

    Smartsheet is an entirely browser-based application. As such, we don't have a native desktop application.

    At this time, any links clicked on while using a desktop computer will prompt to open the Smartsheet app in browser.