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Harvest (time tracking app) +Smartsheet integration

Davin Darnt
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

My organization uses Harvest for time and expense tracking.  So i was excited to see that there was integration with Smartsheet in which i manage my portfolio.   However currently it seems as if the integration only works as an export in one direction from Smartsheet to Harvest.   Are there any plans to make this bi-directional.  No disrespect to Harvest but the reporting and aggregation is quite elementary.  Id prefer to pull time and punches from Harvest to sync up with my project sheets in Smartsheet.  Then use the smartsheet reporting/dashboard engine to capture the full story.   


Are there any plans for Harvest ->Smartsheet extracts?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Davin, this is something we have looked into implementing. I dont have a timeframe for this but I will add your vote for this enhancement request! 

  • Hi Davin,


    This is a great question as Tyler mentioned. I work for a company Azuqua that enables workflow between applications including smartsheet. We are currently in the process of building out Harvest connector and when that is done we would be able to enable bi-directional workflow between Smartsheet and Harvest. 


    As it is still in development we have room to shape the final outcome.


    if you are interested I would recommend taking a look at our product Azuqua.  Here is a link: azuqua.com/integrate-smartsheet


    Let me know if you would be interested in talking about your scenario.


    -Patrick Lawler

    Customer Success Manager @ Azuqua

  • I'm also interested in tracking user time on a  project within Smartsheet using a true time tracking software. Unfortunately the Azugua reference provided does not show as a secure page. I'd like to see what other options there are for an integrated time tracking app.so our subcontratcors can submit their weekly tiem on a project.


    One thing I have found particularily annoying is the inability to set up Smartsheet to display webform submissions in anything other than at the top or bottom of the sheet. It would be ideal to create some intelligence within the sheet or the webform so that time accounting can be automated to follow a set of rules whereby time contributions are made directly within a time period for weekly or monthly tracking. Constantly moving these rows into the correct time time category  wastes an incredible amount of time, and filtering just doesn't quite cut the mustard.  I fear this manual organization issue would make time tracking in smartsheet to be infeasible.


    I have already found this to be true when I am forced to move completed tasks into a "Closed and Released" child row., instead of having logic that identifies a "closed" condition in a cell and automates that process for me. the same could be done for time tracking so that web form submissions for time are automatically displayed in set of rows in the order of the worked date and within a fixed time period category of rows.

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