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I am having an issue with creating a formula that will count a column if a row has a date in it.  It can be any date just as long as it has a date. PgM Status is the column with the date right now I'm just counting the section that has the dates but would like to create a formula, so I don't have to keep adjusting in the future.

=COUNTIF([PgM Status]37:[PgM Status]1357, "Active")


  • L_123
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    COUNTIF([PgM Status]:[PgM Status], isdate(@cell))

  • After reaching out to our Smartsheet Admin, she let me know that it wasn't possible.  The workaround was creating a Column for Dates and using a formula to count if the cell that I was trying to target is "blank," "1" or "not Blank","0". Then using that in the formula worked her is what the formula looked like when finished.


    =COUNTIFS([PgM Status]:[PgM Status], "Active", NoDate:NoDate, 0)

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