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Hammock task


Apparently Smartsheet does not support the creation of Hammock tasks, i.e.




Is there any standard process to propose new features and get them voted by the community?




  • Kara Lumley
    Kara Lumley Employee
    edited 04/06/16

    Thanks for the post, Max.

    To address your feature question, we do review all requests with our Product Management team to see where they would fit in the product, and then plan out the dev/release cycle.


    With regards to the Hammock tasks, I may need more infomation to give you a good answer.

    Based on the article: 

    By definition 1, we can do this (just a summary) but it may not be what you are looking for
    By definition 2, we could do to that by using the right dependencies and milestones. 
    By definition 3, we do not have the concept of Constraints, as all of our tasks are basically "ASAP".
    I hope this helps - let me know if you'd like to speak further about this.
  • Kara,


    I have set up a small example to illustrate what I want to get - please let a tech support representative contact me to have a look to it together.





  • MarcRNelson
    MarcRNelson ✭✭✭

    Voting Up.  Hammock Tasks do not come up to often for me but this is definitely a must because there are occasions this dependency type is needed.

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