Alert(s) Updating a "Count" Sheet?

I have an end user I am trying to build a records sheet for and I can't figure out how to accomplish a change count cleanly. We have thousands of rows/records in a sheet with one of the fields/columns being a Status.They do a monthly review of how many records moved to different statuses in that month and I want to automate that a bit. 

I reviewed the Activity Log but didn't find the export to be quite clean enough for an easy count. I then moved to Alerts which allows me to set the status change and conditions perfectly, but it is forced to be an email when I would much rather have a counter (N+1) or a column field flipped that can be reset at the end of the month.

Is there a clean way to automate this that I am missing? I have attached a screenshot of what I am sort of thinking; The data would change and counter would add 1 if condition was met (status becomes released).



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