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Smart sheet as CRM


Hi there,

We are in the process of a new enterprise, and really love using Smartsheet, especially the history function.
I’m looking for a good CRM cloud software, were I can easily manage contacts, pipeline, promotions, billing, INV, inventory etc.

I think Smartsheet is perfect for pipeline management, but I miss the functions that natural CRM software provide to the relations between pipeline management and the contacts list.
Meaning, if I add a note on the pipeline I won’t be able to easily see it in the future on the contact/company card once I want to track business history with that customer.

If anyoe can recommend some best practice that will be really cool if I can still somehow use Smartsheet for the pipeline management. 


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Not everything is a nail.

    You may end up feeling constrained by things that Smartsheet can't do as well as a classic CRM. 

    Smartsheet integrates to Salesforce and Marketo directly.

    See the app gallery:



    If you use other apps (DocuSign for example), you can also connect to some of them without much effort. I've been trying to get Smartsheet to connect to another CRM via a third party that they both talk to. I assume it is possible and only a matter of time.


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