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We use SmartSheets to collect a large amount of data using a form.  We reach the Smartsheet size limits almost weekly.  Currently we log in each week, export the data to excel, and then delete rows based on a date criterion.

I have looked at Zapier.  It looks like I can have it email me the data in excel but the free version does not have a trigger based on a cell value or number of rows.  I have some ideas as to how to set up a trigger though.  However Zapier does not allow me to delete data in the SmartSheet once exported.  So it only accomplished part of the task.

I image other companies have this workflow too.  I have searched the community and found a lot of great suggestions for each part but no solution for the whole workflow.

Any suggestions to automate the workflow?  Apps out there?  Or will I need to program something using the API?

Thanks for any suggestions and guidance.



  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi Dianne,

    With Zapier you could maybe move the rows to another sheet and then delete them on that temporary sheet?

    Would that work

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  • lmarchisio
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    If you're willing to do the programming, it sounds like the API is the correct tool for this job.  It may be possible to put together a combination of Zaps and alerts to get you part way there.  But I am not aware of any way to automatically delete data except the API.  And once you're having the API do the deletions, you might as well have it do the export too.