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tracking Project by the hour

Jody Gipson
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have started a small project shedule for a job that will take around 72 hours to complete total but with multiple subs having to start and finish at certain times to hit that deadline.   how do i change the calendar on the Gant to #1) just show me the 3 day assigned to the task  #2) break each day down to a 24 hour time frame.  This way i say "plumber starts at 7am ends at 10am. then behind him electrician starts at 9:30 am ands at 4Pm and so forth?


  • Dave D

    Smartsheet tracks duration in time, but not start and end times for tasks (yet).


    You can insert a text/number column and manually track start and end times but you wont see this in the Gantt. The Gantt only zooms down to full days.



  • Glenn Frazier

    they need to get get the Gantt charts down the hours, would be super helpful..

    and being able between to show days and night work would be great too..

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