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Feature Request: Include Attachments (Photos) in PDF Export

JP Pawliw
JP Pawliw
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

When printing a sheet, or exporting to PDF, attachments are excluded.  I can understand excluding a variety of large and complex attachment types, but how about including photos?  Discussions can be included and are included, with row references, at the end of the sheet.  How about doing the same with photos?  Print them in a gallery, with cell references.


Also: When exporting attachments:  Include a row reference in the file name.  Maybe this applies when creating the attachment, but if I attach a photo directly from the camera, I get a date code but no reference to the row number.  Thus the linkage is lost when exported.


Application:  Inspection check lists.  Attaching photos to rows becomes useless if the photos cannot be included as part of the inspection report, either in line or as an appendix with row references.  Using the photos directly in a cell is too rigid and won't allow, for example, a number of attached photos to one row.


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