Introducing Automated Workflows and Recurrence

Shaine Greenwood
Shaine Greenwood Employee
edited 08/02/23 in General Announcements


We've introduced automated workflows, which make it easier than ever to build, manage, and collaborate on Smartsheet automation. You can now:

Consolidate multiple automated actions into sophisticated workflows, including multi-step approval processes

Address a variety of scenarios in a single workflow with multiple conditional paths

View your entire workflow at once rather than across many separate rules

We also rolled out recurrence so you can now set up your time-based workflows to repeat on your preferred schedule. For example, request updates on all incomplete work items once a week on Monday at 9am.

All of your existing rules have been turned into workflows with the above capabilities. If you do nothing, they’ll continue to run as usual, but you can also add more actions and conditions and set up recurrence at any time. 

To manage your workflows or create a new one, open the Automation menu (formerly called the Alerts & Actions menu).

Learn about three quick ways to take advantage of these new capabilities.

Then get all the details in the Smartsheet Learning Center.