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How to use Smartsheet to track and record appointments and events: third party app solution?




I am using smartsheet to enable a team of folks to collaborate on project managment. Our projects are organized into objectives, activities and events - each getting its own row and set of data for timeline management, allocating human resources, tracking deliverables, etc.


Our team uses google calendar to schedule appointments and reminders that are associated with activities in our Smartsheet. Currently Smartsheet does not allow us to choose a specific time of day in a row so we must use a third party app to keep track of and be reminded of appointments and due date times for event planning and the like.


I am wondering if any of the power users here in the community have knowledge of a solution that integrates a third party app (e.g. Gqueues) to add the capacity to track and record events back into smartsheet so we can see all the tasks that have been completed for a specific project that is managed in Smartsheet?


For example, I am currently using Zapier to trigger the creation of a google calendar event each time a new row is added to Smartsheet. Then I go to google calendar and select a specific time in the event details so I can get timely reminders and track tasks for the day. This in turn creates a task in my task management software (Gqueues). Once the task is completed I mark it as such in Gqueues, which marks it as completed in Google Calendar, but I have to remember to go back to Smartsheet to check the check box column to indicate the task has been completed there. This is a clunky work around that leads to missed appointments and not accounting for all the work necessary to complete a project. Ideally, Smartsheet integration with google calendar would simply allow for including a specific time (and associated reminders) and then all the functionality of the workaround would be included. 


Anyway, hope that makes sense and someone here has some wisdom for me.




  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Can you not get zappier to also check the tick box in smartsheet at the same time?



  • Chee Yuen Chan

    This is exactly what I need also - we have a need for scheduling meeting rooms and seminar rooms.  Ideally, our customer could make a booking through Google forms and the information will be populated to Smartsheet.  However, we have not thought of a way for the customer to book based on AVAILABILITY, as resources may be overbooked.  Is there a way to make Smartsheet to Google forms about this AVAILABILITY of the rooms?  or should I look at something like APP SHEET?



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