Sending UPDATE REQUEST to External Emails

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


Problem statement:

We tried to send thousands of "Update Requests" to external email addresses using one Smartsheet as the source so that responses can be collated centrally.

This is to avoid sending an email to each external email or sending a blanket BCC email to the same addresses.

None of the External emails are shared to the sheet or included in the Global account security "Approved Email addresses" list.

Both Global security and the Automation on the sheet are set to "Unrestricted"

After triggering the Update request I received the email error "Not all recipients will receive *** target sheet*** notifications"

It appears the Unrestricted option does not work as I had anticipated.

I do not wish to share the Sheet with thousands of emails, or provide External emails with a view only or licence etc.

I am a System Admin for our Enterprise account.


I believe my only option is to add thousands of emails to the Approved email list?  Can anyone recommend a solution?

I have raised a support ticket 03372427 as well to Smarthsheet but wanted to reach out to the community.

This type of notification is something we want to explore more thus allowing non Smartsheet users to provide us updated/timely information.

Any help advice would be appreciated.