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Automatic reminders stopped after task completed

Laura Hulsbosch
Laura Hulsbosch ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi all, 


looking forward to get some help. We are using Smartsheet for Task Lists and we want to send people automatic reminders to update their task status.  Now I am wondering if there is a way when a task is marked completed, or done, the automatic reminders for that task will not be sent anymore. 


Hope someone has an idea how to do this!


Cheers, Laura


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Short version:

    Not automatically.


    Here's a possibliity.

    You are probably using Reminders.

    Use an Notification instead.


    Add a check box column for "Alert Date - 7".

     psuedo code

    if (( today - due date = 7 ) and (not completed))

    then  1

    else 0

    will check the box when the due date is 7 days away but not complete


    key the Notification off that.

    You can set up multiple columns for multiple periods and/or determine your own lead time.

    There are some drawbacks.

    See below.


    Longer version explaining the various email options

    Alert - Notification:

    1. Shared user only

    2. Triggered on change

    3. No configurable message

    4. All rows in a sheet


    Alert - Reminder

    1. Shared user only, but added advantage of Contact List determined shared user

    2. Trigged on Date column (configurable +/- 14 days or by a specific date

    3. Has configurable message

    4. All rows in a sheet


    Row Reminder

    1. Shared user only

    2. Trigged on Date column (configurable +/- 14 days or by a specific date

    3. Has configurable message

    4. Specific rows in a sheet


    Send Update Request

    1. Sent to any email address

    2. Email subject and message customizable

    3. Person that sets up UR can be cc-ed

    4. Configurable columns in email

    5. Delivery can be once, (now or date & time configured) or periodically.


    There is no global view of these email interactions either on the sheet or workspace or account level. 


    None of them have triggers to turn off.





  • Laura Hulsbosch

    Thank you Craig!

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