access rights

I need to give access rights only to certain people to edit a particular column in a unfiltered worksheet, All the info in the worksheet needs to be visible to all the members. Can this be done?


  • Kyle Zulpo
    edited 06/13/19

    Hi Robert,

    You can achieve this by requesting an update on the selected rows from the desired stakeholders. In the options for the request, you can give them 1 time editing privileges.

    It is not efficient, but there is no way to request this information for just a column. The stakeholders would receive 1 request to update X number of rows, restricted to the column of your choice.

    Alternatively, you could request an update (not through smartsheet) and temporarily lock columns...but that would restrict your other users. If you want to play with stakeholder permissions then you can do that as well to add an additional layer of temporary security.