Referencing a Column in Another Sheet

Jstaley11 ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I am having trouble referencing a Column in another sheet through an IF formula I am trying to do. 

My current formulas is =IF({Sheet 1 Range 1} = 1, {Sheet 2 Range 2}). 

The first Column I am referencing is a Checkbox Column, and I only want it to return the value in Range 2 unless Range 1 is Checked. Whenever I do this formula it gives me the INVALID OPERATION error. 

I know this formulas works because when I do the exact same formulas but just reference the Cell rather than the column it returns the correct value no problem. It's only when I select the Column as a whole does it return the INVALID OPERATION error. I plan on adding and removing rows in the original sheet that's why I need to it to reference the whole column and not just the individual cells. 

If anyone has encountered this problem and has a solution that would be great. 

Thank you


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