Third Party API connectors (IPAAS) recomendations

Ross Collins
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I'm having a hard time finding a reliable third-party integration service.  I have a master sheet with a dropdown menu that is used to order a product from another department in my company.  When "request" is selected in the dropdown I need a new row added to another sheet with a few details from the original row.  Then after the row is added I need it to go back to the original sheet and cheange the dropdown to say "Received". I've tried the following:

Azuqua - It is a perfect solution because they have column update webhooks and its easy to configure but the connection breaks about once a month and I have to rebuild the whole thing to make it work again.  There's no explanation for why it breaks.  It says the status of the connection is good but it just doesn't work.  It also gets bogged down if more than 4 rows are updated and I have to go through the list of requests that didn't make the jump and click and unclick them until they show up.  Plus Azuqua was bought out and they are shutting the service down.

Integromat- I've set up a couple scenarios but they either don't trigger or the the trigger doesn't return a Row ID which is needed to go back and update the original row. Good options in a bloated interface to build my flows. It gets triggered and runs through the flows but it only adds a new row to the destination sheet about 30% of the time but it still goes back and changes the status of my dropdown.

MS Flow- Too limited in triggers and actions 

Zapier- Seems a little convoluted and cheesy for a reliable business solution with multiple steps.  Should I revisit?

I've read about so many and I feel like the few that I've tried have failed.  Has anyone had success with any integration services? Mulesoft,, Jitterbit, etc....


  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Ross,

    I'd recommend sticking with Zapier if it can do what you need. I've had excellent results with it, both for my clients and me.

    Hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic week!


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  • Nathan Betters

    I also have issue with webhooks for Integromat not triggering, Zapier is not an option because of the cost factor, we pass thousands of api calls a month so Integromat is much more affordable.

    We also have MSFlow but the funtions are incredibly limited for Smartsheet.

    I can only get smartsheet to send a webhook to integromat on CELL update or create, the row/column functions no longer work (they did in the past)