JIRA Sub-Tasks remaining estimates do not roll up in main task in Smartsheet

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I have a JIRA project that is comprised of tasks and sub-tasks.

The sub-tasks have remaining estimates that sum up at the task level.

For example, if I have 3 sub-tasks that have respectively 1, 2, and 3 days left are shown as 6 days remaining at the task level.

I sync it with Smartsheet, and I use the Remaining Time Estimate field from JIRA to translate into a Remaining Effort in Smartsheet. 

The problem I see is that the Smartsheet Remaining Effort field is empty, although the same tasks in JIRA has 6d. 

However, if I go and overwrite the parent Task Remaining Estimate field in JIRA to 6d THEN it will show up in Smartsheet.

Is this as designed or just me not getting it ?  



  • Hello,

    Tempo is an add-on for Jira and is not officially supported at the moment with the Jira Connector. For that reason we can't guarantee that behaviors that work within Jira will work the same way in Smartsheet.

    I tested a similar configuration and see the same results you did. It seems time needs to be logged at the individual issue level for those values to be passed to Smartsheet by Jira. 

    I would recommend configuring a formula that can be used within the Remaining Time Estimated column in your sheet to SUM the logged time for your Sub-tasks, effectively rolling up the Remaining Time Estimate for the parent task.

    If you have "Maintain JIRA hierarchy grouping: Epic, Story, Task, Subtask, etc." enabled in the workflow, you can sync in Sub-tasks and they will sync in as children. Then you can use a formula like the following to roll up those time estimate values into the parent row:

    • =SUM(CHILDREN())
    • Note that Tempo values from Jira will sync in as an integer value in minutes. If you would prefer to display these with other measurements for time, you can tweak this formula to accomplish that. For example, to display the rolled up estimate in hours, use the formula =SUM(CHILDREN()) / 60

    You can read more about formulas and functions in Smartsheet here: https://help.smartsheet.com/topics/formulas-and-functions

    I'd also encourage you to submit an Enhancement Request for added support for Jira add-ons. You can submit an Enhancement Request here.

    If you have additional questions you're welcome to submit a case with Smartsheet Support here.

    Hope that helps!



  • Hi.


    Thanks for the answer. We are not using Tempo Planner. Just the plain JIRA.

    Also, Maintain JIRA hierarchy grouping: Epic, Story, Task, Subtask, etc. is enable.

    I think that Smartsheet does not load the sum of estimates from JIRA as it is a calculated field in JIRA. 


    I will try the SUM(CHILDREN()) function in conjuction with an IF statement and see how it goes.