Index/Match always returns the same

Jose da Silva
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Hi all,

Been searching on the community but could not find an answer to my issue. Sorry if i missed it.

So i have a Master sheet for the sales team, with all the customers to contact, with one rep allocated on each of those customers.

Then, the individual reps will have their own spreadsheets with only their allocated customers.

What i am trying to do now is, everytime that a new customer gets allocated to a rep on the Master sheet, i want it to be updated on their individual spreadsheets automatically.

I tried to do an INDEX/MATCH with the customer code, but the formula keeps repeating the same code, which means that it disregards if there are more results on the Main sheet. It finds one and stops. Here is the formula:

=INDEX({Leads Master Sheet Range 1}, MATCH("Emma Parnham", {Leads Master Sheet Range 3}))


Leads Master Sheet Range 1 - customer code column on the Master

Emma Parnham - rep name (will vary amongst a dozen)

Leads Master Sheet Range 3 - rep name column on the Master


Appreciated for the help!


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