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Text added in summary/calculation

Tony Coleman
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

In the video by Robin Sherwood demonstrating card view he shows his template with Summary tabs visible in the swimlanes.   How does he manage to present the (50 secs in) summary with "Units: 1750"   I think this might be more of a string just added to the front/back of the formula in his grid view for line 2 quantity (20 secs).   I see how the calculation can be done, but how does he add the "Units:"  prefix?







  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Tony-- Robin accomplished this by concatenating the "Units:" prefix with the result from his formula. You can do this similarly to the example below:


    ="Units: " + COUNTIF(State5:State110, "Pending Sale")


    Hope that helps!

  • Tony Coleman

    thanks Kennedy I managed to get to that stage with the same approach in the end, but thought there might have been a basic function, but that does it fine and all happy thanks.

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