Help with Bulky Formulas/Formatting?

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Hi all, 

I'm fairly new to smartsheet (with no Excel experience either). Here's my situation. 

I'm tracking POs-- first, you enter in a PO amount, and in subsequent columns what you invoice per-month. There's a final "Totals" column that sums up your monthly invoices. 

Currently, I have a hidden column set up to test if PO Total = Totals, using this formula: 

=(IF ([PO Total]2 = Totals2, "1", "0"))

Then I have Conditional Formatting set up (see screenshot).

Without the first line of conditional formatting, rows with Blank POs that match Black Totals will highlight green and it is just confusing. 

My question is... is there any way to clean this up and condense it? Because I'm not expert level, I feel like all of this is clunky, and setting it up on 8+ sheets is a bit time consuming. 

Any insight would be extremely appreciated! 





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