OneDrive picker with Sharepoint Sites Support

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi Smartsheet Team,


I am new to your tool and so far I find it very intriguing. I have a question though: We have organized our files in sharepoint libraries. And while I was happy to see the OneDrive support in smartsheet, I was a little disappointed to notice that when opening the OneDrive picker and logging into my O365 account, it only presents me the option to select files from my own personal OneDrive (for Business) storage, not the Sharepoint sites documents that I have also access to through OneDrive. 


Other apps, similar to yours, sometimes seem to have a slightly different OneDrive integration where I can also access the files on Sharepoint sites'. I have made a screenshot from one of your competitors' integration. Similar integrations I have seen around.

Apologies for the fact that the screenshot is in German language and that I have clumsily drawn in the image. I have circled the area in green where the access to the sharepoint sites' documents happens. 

So my question ultimately is: Do you plan on supporting picking Sharepoint files through the OneDrive integration? Until then, I could probably use the Web URL option when attaching files from sharepoint. But that is just not that convenient, and I am thinking about how to explain that to less technically-savvy users.


Many thanks,



onedrive picker from other tools.png