Invitation to View link prompts password creation for an established user

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


An invitation to view link that was sent to one of our users prompts a password creation screen in Smartsheet when clicked, even though they already have a Smartsheet account and a few shared reports. (Page reads "Let's get started - Set up your password". See attached) Subsequent attempts to log in to Smartsheet as normal would prompt the same password creation screen.

The user was able to reset to normal Smartsheet login by following a URL link to one of our Dashboards, but now when they log in they cannot view any of the reports that were previously shared to them. (Instead they see “The item you requested can’t be found. It may have been deleted, its access permissions changed, or your URL may be incorrect.”) They have the same result when trying to access those Smartsheet reports in three different browsers.

I shared a new invitation to view link to the user for the same report, and it again prompted password creation. The original invitation was sent from the report Owner who is a licensed user / system admin, and I have edit – can share rights on all shared items.

I was able to recreate the error by clicking the same invitation to view link that was sent to the user. My default browser would prompt the password creation screen on subsequent attempts to log in to Smartsheet as normal, however I was able to log in and access sheets normally in two different browsers while this was happening in my default browser. Deleting cookies for the Smartsheet site in my default browser restored the ability to log in, and I never lost access to any of my shared items.

I would be interested to know if anybody has experienced this or knows of a solution to restore the shared reports to the user as the normal sharing process has returned this error multiple times.

Thank you!