What happens to Workspace items, if existing owner is not with the company?

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I have a quick question; although I do know about the System Admin capability that allows it to transfer the ownership of items to a new user via User Management option. But does it also transfer items which that user owned in a Workspace (not workspace but the items on it!)? If yes, then I am good :)

If no, then what is the step.

I do know about the Workspace transferring process, so that's not my intention. The only thing I would like to know is what happens to items that are within a Workspace owned by that user?

Note: I am acting as an interim SysAdmin till my company finds a replacement!




  • Lee Joramo
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    If you are a SmartSheet Admin, you can access the "User Management" screen, and then click on the drop down menu for a specific user, and transfer their SmartSheet content to another user.

    Alternatively, if you have access to their SmartSheet authentication credentials, you can login has them and review what they have and transfer content to other users. (How this works depends on how your are authenticating. If you are using basic email and password, you would need access to their email account to reset the password)

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hello Khushboo,

    If you are a System Admin on a Business plan or higher, then when you do a bulk-transfer of all sheets, reports, and dashboards, this will include all of the items within a Workspace. This Help Article on doing a Bulk Transfers has more information: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/520103#bulk

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  • @khush_hello
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    Thanks Lee! Appreciated the guide. I used the System Admin console, and was able to utilized "Transferred all the items to another user". And, it did transfer all the items including sheets, reports, dashboards and workspaces. 

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  • @khush_hello
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    Thanks, Genevieve :)