Send automated alert when a cell changes from a specific value to a different specific value.

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi team,

I was attempting to build out a process for an automated alert to be sent based on a value in a cell (drop-down list(constant)) changing to a different value (also from the dropdown list) of that same cell.  I would like want the alert sent if it was being changed from that specific value to another specific value.

For example, Drop down list is Red, Blue, or Green.  If the value is set to Red then changed to Blue, I want the alert sent.  However, if the value is Green and then set to Blue, I don't want the alert sent.  I ONLY want to know if the value goes from Red to Blue.

I have only found a way to set the alert to be when that cell changed to the end value(Blue) using the alert functionality in Smartsheet.  This would include any previous values (Red or Green).  That is not what I want to have happen.

Any ideas?  Thank you!