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Feature Request: Card View Add Card items

J. Craig Williams
J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

1. Persistent

When in Card View, after selecting Add Card, the Edit dialog comes up.

I would like to check a box that will allow me to enter another new card after selecting OK.

This would be similar to the WebForm "Reload the same form for another entry" feature.


Purpose: Time saving when using Card View for data entry


2. Move (or duplicate) the Add Card button above the card lane text


Purpose: For lanes that are "full", to add new cards from this view requires:

- scroll (and sometimes a lot that)

- click, enter data

- scroll (but not as much) to get to the Add Card button again




  • Robin Sherwood



    Thanks for the feedback. We are definitely interested in improving the "add card" experience. We haven't made any final decissions on what the design will be, so your feedback is valuable. 


    Questions for you:

    1. When adding a card, how many of the visible fields do you typically fill out? is it just the title? or all the visible fields? or something else?


    2. For "Add Card" at the top of a lane, do you expect the card to be added to the top of the list or the bottom? Would it be ok to have a lane menu option to do this? We chose the bottom of the stack because of the visual and repeated real-esatate a dedicated button would take up. 


    There is a keyboard shortcut for inserting a card: Ctrl-I or the Ins key on PCs. 


    Finally there is are "insert above" and "insert below" options form the card menu (triangle in lower right corner of card on hover) they will create cards anywhere in the stack so you don't need to scroll and then move the card to the desired posistion. 


    Hope that helps!



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