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I'm a Shared Sheet Editor but Cannot Edit a Column Dropdown List

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts


Hello all!


I am a shared editor on a page and need to modify a column dropdown list, but that option is greyed out.  Are only administrators allowed to modify drop boxes?


SmartSheet Greyed Out.jpg


  • Allie



    Your hunch is correct - only licensed Admins can change column properties, including adding/removing values from a drop-down list column.

  • Jennifer Muller
    edited 10/08/15

    It seems that Admins can no longer make edits to sheets, only owners.  Our company has one person designated as the owner/superadmin of all the sheets.  This change just happened this week when we increased the number of allowable sheets.  I find this to be a huge step backward in the functionality of the sheet, since I now have to create a ticket for any change (adding a value to a dropdown, moving/adding/deleting columns, etc.)  is there a workaround, or can this be changed?  It seems that "Administrator" is now a misnomer, since the functionalilty has been severely constricted.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Jennifer, Admins can still make edits to sheets. The change is that free Admins cannot make structural changes to a sheet - paid Admins are unaffected. 


    This change took affect for users last December (2014) or at the end of your annual contract (whichever was later). It sounds like your annual contract was recently renewed, which is why you are seeing this change now. 



    The change to free collaborator Admin permissions follows and supports the spirit of our license agreement -- that sheet creators pay for designing and administering sheets, while any collaborator can continue to edit sheets -- for free. What we've found in some cases is that licensed users will create blank sheets and share them out with free Admins to perform the heavy-duty design and set-up work, or use for their own personal projects. These Admins, who are truly owning the project, should be licensed based on the spirit of our terms of service.  


    The 'workaround' for this change will be to give your Admins a license which will make them a paid user and give them full Admin abilities on sheets. 

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