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Chad Yates
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I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to have the entire GAL (GE Outlook user database) accessible via the smartsheet, or by a user interacting with the request for update via a webform (or email entry).


I have a user base that needs to log its interactions with other GE users so we can track activity for the team.


Originally, just an email address would be a great thing to be able to search from the user entering data in a form but ideally I’d like to do much more with this database, such as pulling contacts location and organizational links..  Azuqua might work... but it needs the full database... 


Unless I’m missing something, the only way I see to do this right now is to have the users manually enter the GE contact they are working with.



This will obviously be a tedious for users to have to enter names/email addresses.  And, it will most certainly lead to errors.


  • I have inquired the same.  My understanding is you can't.  I have to enter new addresses, as required.  There might be a way for you to create a group via GAL (IDM.GE.COM) then add the group.  That may not solve all your issues but might get you closer?

  • Yes, Smartsheets has informed me that its not fully here yet.  The one good option they showed me today was entering in people from the spreadsheet view, it will look them up (when typing in a contact list field).. assuming they have registered for smartsheet already.  And if they haven't, it will automatically send them notification to register.


    But as per web forms, there is no support for antything close to this yet.

  • Kara Lumley
    Kara Lumley Employee
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    Creating Groups might help in the meantime as well for sharing sheets out to a large number of people.


  • I've learned that we can access the GE employee database through the HR API.  This would allow Smartsheet and the HR database to connect for exchanging non-sensitive employee data (address, title, organizational structure, etc.. ).  There is a fairly high annual cost for this API support however.  I'm working on the cost justification myself.


    My goal is to create a contact logging tool for our managers and engineers at GE O&G HQ as we make connections through O&G and other businesses.


    If anyone has a similar application interest and is interested in similar functionality, I'm curious if we could cost-share.


    If anyone in GE wants information on this, you may contact Michael Bartsch.




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