Multiplying cells from different sheets

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Sheet 1: Work Scheduled (number of work units scheduled in a given month)

Sheet 2: Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (to determine the total cost of the work scheduled in a given month)

I would like to multiply a cell from Sheet 2 with the corresponding cell from Sheet 1 and then be able to copy/paste the formula so that it updates based on cell position in Sheet 2. I can easily do this in Excel, but have no idea how to do it in Smartsheet. Any ideas?


- Sheet 1: Build 10 miles of fence posts in month 1, build 15 miles in month 2

- Sheet 2: At $100/mile, the cost in month 1 is $1000, cost in month 2 is $1500, cumulative cost is $2500

- In Excel, the formula might be [Sheet 2]$B2*[Sheet 1]C2, [Sheet 2]$B2*[Sheet 1]D2, etc. (copy/paste would update the formula based on cell position in Sheet 2)



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