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Excel spreadsheet with calendar and schedule

Jacob S
Jacob S
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Good afternoon,

I hope someone could please give me some ideas if it's at all possible to do with smartsheet or in excel???


I have an excel spreadsheet that was created by a professional. I'll try to explain the information it has on it and what I'd like to do with it.


It has the date, Hebrew date, and then in in many different columns it has different information, like on Saturday it would have the  reading for that week, for everyday it has, sunset, sundown and various other times. Anyone know if I could create a way for the spreadsheet to display only the fields for that day, like on a buliten? Maybe in PowerPoint?

Or directly from smartsheet?

I want it to be an Automatic buliten board. So we don't have to change the schedule every day or week manually.


  • Have you considered just using a Report that pulls rows that have the date equal to Today?


    You could import the sheet from Excel, and if your column with each specfic date in it is labled "Date" as an example, you could create the report in Report Builder with the When? set so that it is equal to today. 


    That way the report would always only reflect the current date's readings.  


    Hope I'm not misunderstanding your request...

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S
    edited 07/31/16


    I thank you for responding. I'm really sorry. I think you understand my question better than I do.


    I would understand what your writing if I knew how to do it. I was looking for some YouTube videos not successful yet. 


    If you have the time, or if you have an idea where I could find more instructions or a video in this exact topic.


    So let's say today 07//31/2016 is in the date column. Sunrise is in the next. Etc. Etc. I have a few more columns. And some dates have extra columns like holidays or reminders. 

    So how do I set it up so it changes every day only to show that row. But the idea would also be, I guess, is to change the excel layout or as you write report layout so each column head or I could create names where each column head could show that time. In that field.

    So let's say I link the excel file to PPT it will only display today's times with the title names. Not a whole big black and white spreadsheet.


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Try this for how to create a Report:



    and then you could send the Report via periodic email:



    I hope this helps.


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