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How do you generate a formula to change the text within a cell. I want to have different text for different due dates such as if the due date is within 5 days, I want the "status" cell to say immediate, and if it is within 2 months, I want the status cell to say "short term", if it is within 4 months, I want the status cell to say "medium term", and if it is within 6 months, I want it to say "long term".

Also, is there a way where you can have other people add to the "latest news" section in the team portal? I don't want them to have editing rights but I want them to be able to add comments and updates to the portal.


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    it is easier to work with days in smartsheet, as there isn't a netmonth formula.


    =if(netdays(today(),DueDate@row) < = 5, "Immediate", if(netdays(today(),DueDate@row) < 62, "Short Term"

    And so on.

    As far as adding to a field, you can use a form to ask for submissions. Then use the Join formula to join them together. You can even add a system column with the date and only show submissions from a time period. Or take the last X submissions

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