Workload over Calendar Duration


I am very new to Smartsheets and am in process of educating myself on the product to help develop some staffing workload tools on a project basis over time.  The goal is to help us analyze how employees are allocated on a project over a calender timeline. 

For example, we use project milestone deadlines to break up a project progress and divide the associated revenue for that milestone with a billable rate and then across a duration:

i.e. 4 week Schematic Design milestone: $15,000 total revenue / $150 per hour = 100 hours = 25 hours per week workload for employee A.

Is there a way to create a sheet that records the milestone workload (I can handle the simple formulas of $15,000 / $150 per hour = 100 hours) but I need help with how to take the 100 hours  and have it distributed over a duration.  And the real win would be to have that duration associated with actual calendar dates so that we can plot the load over a calendar for the employer, project, firm, etc.

Any help would be awesome.  I have been looking through templates and community topics and haven't been able to shed any light on if this is possible.    


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