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Referring to comments/discussion in cell

Denis Gudtsov
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi All


I'm looking for a way how to insert text comments into cell. Is it possible (in read-only mode)?

Use case: we have a sheet for issue tracking purposes which consist of the following columns:


issue id, issue title, issue description, current state, status, etc.


At present we use the “current state” column as a log by writing there info like:


01/01 – issue created


02/01 – issue under analysis


03/01 – more data requested



It’s nice to use comments/discussion feature offering by Smartsheet. But I need to see the latest actual comment in the list view. If I have number of issues even 10, then I will have to open each comments tread and look for the latest comment there.


Would be very appreciate to have feature/formula replicating several latest comments into cell to present it in list view.





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