Contact list display/format as email address not name

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi all,

Although I found a thread from 2015 which partly answered my question, I would like to put the it again for updated context and clarity.

I have many users in my smartsheet profile and use the contact column type in most of my sheets.

I do a lot of list exporting and often need to provide email addresses for a particular filter or sort for my lists.

When I have email addresses associated with names in my address book I find that I cannot display the email address in the column because it defaults to the assigned name.

Hence I cannot have a contact displaying the email address if there is a name associated with it.

So when I try to copy/paste or export a list I necessarily get mixed results if I have used real contacts in the email column (usually next to a Name column anyway):

  • joe blogs
  • Jerry Smith
  • Alonzo B

Where the contacts would include the name and email address i.e. joe blogs {}

It seems I can go into each entry and delete the name field and this "fixes" the issue leaving me with the email address but is a second step for each entry that has a name assigned in my account smartsheet contacts.

Ideally it would be good to be able to use a contact list and specify the display format in the column type - otherwise I seem to have to enter the email address again next to the contact row and manage a separate column for Surname, First Name then email (for e.g.).  Even then I seem to get results that convert the email to the name and others where it does not - especially if I have retyped the email.



[EDIT/UPDATE] I seem to get a reliable result when I:

1) double click on the contact to bring up the contact detail, the email address is pre-selected

2) I hit [ctrl-c] to copy to clipboard

3) I hit cancel to close the contact detail

4) I hit [ctrl-v] to paste the copied full email into the field

This is very manual but does give me a column of fields I can copy to a spreadsheet, table or email to provide a list of addresses to someone from the main sheet I maintain.