Automatic Jira to Smartsheet ONLY

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I'm trying to setup an automatic, one directional Jira to Smartsheet sync.  The options are either bi-directional automatic, or manual one direction.  The manual only updates if I click through multiple screens to find the workflow "Run" button.  The Automatic scares me because I don't want Jira getting corrupted since lots of people have access to Smartsheets.

I noticed that you can select which direction to sync for each of the fields, so theoretically I figured you could make them all one directional and then nothing would sync back to Jira.  I'm just not that confident that my assumption is correct.  To make matters muddier, before I saved the workflow, it stated that "up to 164 issues will be updated" in Jira.  It's probably not smart enough to recognize that no fields are set to sync back, but I'm still hesitant.

Can anyone confirm without a doubt that my I can do this one directional automatic sync like using the fields?  I'm worried about things like what happens if I delete a row.


  • Hello,

    You should be able to configure your field mappings to sync unidirectionally to avoid having changes from Smartsheet sync back to Jira. I've never encountered a scenario where a workflow was configured this way, and changes in Smartsheet were synced back to Jira.

    Changes made in the sheet won't sync back to Jira, but they won't generate any kind of error in the sheet either, so it's possible you would temporarily see incorrect values in the sheet if a user made a changes in Smartsheet. Any changes made to values in Smartsheet would be overwritten the next time the Jira Connector syncs the workflow.

    If you don't want users to make changes within Smartsheet to values synced in from Jira, I would make sure you're using appropriate Sharing Permissions and locking any columns that are using in Jira Connector field mappings to prevent changes from being made within Smartsheet.

    Hope that helps!


    Nathan L.