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Rollup Reporting - Escrow System

Jeremy Myers
Jeremy Myers ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I've created a set of templates which are essentially extended to-do lists for tracking real estate escrows.  Each new escrow gets a fresh sheet inserted into the <active escrow> work group.  The user is responsible for adding the new sheet to the master report.  Beyond that, I can't ask uses to create links or other "complex" Smartsheet moves.


Each sheet has a projected escrow close date.  Question:  How do I automatically rolll up the active escrow close dates into a report without requiring the user to create manual links or similar?  


I can't justify adding columns to track a single piece of data such as <escrow close date>, <transaction value $> etc.  This would be a simple matter in a relational database, but is a continual challenge in the row / column model of Smartsheet to report on a single cell.


Could it be done by having a hyperlink in the template pointing to a report?  What is the general solution here?




  • Hi Jeremy-- By "active" close dates, do you mean dates that are within a certain time period, or that are determined as "active" by another value in the sheet? How is the escrow close date entered in or referenced in the sheet? It sounds like it doesn't exist as a date in a cell, so I'd like to clarify what the sheet set up is like! If you'd prefer, you can share a sample or copy of one of the sheets with me at Kennedy.Stomps@Smartsheet.com and I'll be happy to provide guidance via email :)

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