Cell is considered "changed" when it goes from Blank to Filled - Why


I have a sheet set up that populates rows with information filled out from a Smartsheet form. Rows are only added by filling out the form. When a row is added (i.e. form is submitted) a notification is sent out to a mailing list of individuals. This all works fine. 

I have a separate workflow notification in the same sheet set up when a row inside the sheet 'changes'. As per my screen shot, i have defined the change to be in 1 of 3 possible columns (date, time or mix). The other columns can have information changed that I don't care to be notified about.

My issue is that Smartsheet is recognizing a 'change' as a row that previously had nothing in it (i.e. new entry) suddenly being populated with new information (i.e. new form submitted). This is causing multiple notifications to be sent for a single row entry which is leading to confusion because there isn't actually a change. Its just a blank cell that is now being populated. I tried to address this by changing the workflow to run "hourly" instead of "when triggered" and it hasn't helped the situation.

I've included another snapshot from my change notification workflow. The e-mail is showing me that all columns "changed" based on everything being highlighted yellow when i only want to recognize when time, date or mix is changed. 

Can someone tell me how to get past this? 

Workflow Issue.JPG



  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi Dan,

    I also created an alert to notify me when a row is changed and then submitted a form entry, but I wasn't notified. Based on your second screen capture it looks like 1 row was added, 1 row changed, and 1 attachment was added. It's possible that the row was changed after it was added.

    If you're not already, I'd recommend working with our Support team on this so they can effectively troubleshoot with you.

  • My second screen capture is showing that every single field is changed, because everything is highlighted in yellow. Thats the problem, its considering blank to filled as the 'change'. Very frustrating.