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Copy / Paste to create links

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I am trying to copy and paste special/links to copied cells; however the "links to copied cells" radio button is grayed out. What am I doing wrong? 

radio button..jpg


  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 06/29/15

    Are you trying to paste the links in the same sheet they are copied from? Cell linking only works across sheets. If you want to link cells in the same sheet, use this formula: =CellReference  

  • I am trying to do the same thing, copying from Sheet A to Sheet B.  I cannot create a link using Paste Special.


    In scenario 1, the source and target cell columns are not the same type (the source is an auto number.  The target is a text / number).


    In scenario 2, the source and target cell columns  are the same type (both text/number) but the source cell is a formula.


    In scenario 3, the columns are the same type and the source is a straight text cell with nothing special.


    In scenario 1 and 2, neither Paste nor Paste Special are available (greyed out on right click).  In scenario 3, I can select Paste Special but can only choose Values and Formats (Create link is greyed out).


    If I am in sheet B and select 
    "link from other sheet" and go through the popup, I am able to select the cell I want to use and create the links with no issues (all 3 scenarios).


    I own the source sheet (sheet A) and am an admin on the target sheet (sheet B).  I have a basic account.


    It would be far more convenient to paste special than go through the six-clicks that I have to do for each linked cell using the "create link" process.  Any ideas why the option is not available for me?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 08/10/15

    SK - I just tested your three scenarios and was able to create linked cells without any issues. 


    Would you be willing to share the two sheets with me with specific steps you are taking so I can troubleshoot? Please share to support+travis@smartsheet.com  



  • I tried to do the Paste Special, but when I pasted the cell "with the links" into the new sheet I got the message "Unable to create the requested cell link(s).  The source data is no longer available." 

    Nothing was changed in the source data.

  • I have the same issue.

    I even did 2 training courses recently and it was very frustrating to see the trainer copy and paste cell links, while I have to start in the destination sheet!

  • There has to be something different about your environment, or maybe you are "local" to the sheets whereas to the rest of us the sheets are in the "cloud".

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