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I'm trying to automatically apply a formula to an entire column that concatenates info from cells in a given row into a document name, once data is entered into those cells. The only way I've been able to accomplish this so far is to just copy/ paste or drag the formula as data is entered in a new row, but I'd like it to be more automated. Is there any functionality in Smartsheet that I'm missing that could accomplish this for me? Below is the formula I'm using, if that helps at all.

=$[Job Number]$1 + "-TRANS-00" + [Submittal Number (Sequential)]10 + "_r" + Revision10 + "_" + [Submittal Friendly Name]10

Submittal Document Name Sheet & Formula_20191010.png


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Try deleting all of the empty rows from the bottom of the sheet then save. Once you refresh the sheet there will be another 10 blank rows at the bottom.


    I am thinking that maybe you are entering data into blank rows that were previously used. 


    The 10 blank rows that were added during the above steps will be unused.


    As long as the two rows directly above the row you are entering data into have the formula in them, it should auto-populate into the next row down once you enter data into the Primary Column.

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