Workflow Question - Decline with An Attachment

BryanLin ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Wondering if anybody encountered the same situation here.


I have a very simple mechanical drawing approval workflow that works fine if the approver only click on "Approve" or "Decline" button.

The approval column will change to Submitted when drawing submitted (trigger by attachment), and changed to Approved or Declined according to approver's response, no issue here.



The problem is, most of the time when approver declined a request, there's usually a drawing mark-up to explain the reason, so the attachment comes into play.

The approver will attached a file (drawing mark-up) then click on the Decline button.

Now the approval column will change to Declined then changed to Submitted right away by system and that screwed up by my approval process (see attached screenshot).


Is there a way to have the approval column stays Declined even approver attached a file, and only changed to Submitted when submitter reply to the update request?

Any other workaround is welcome too.