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Check Multiple Boxes or Tag Multiple Items Within One Cell?

Dereck H
Dereck H
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I know I've asked this in the past like 3 years ago but don't know if there mght have been a feature update or workaround for this yet.


Is there a way to check multiple boxes or tag multiple items within a single cell? If I made a dropdown menu of 12 items for example, is there a way to check or select 2 of them for one row within one cell?


If this feature was added this would make smartsheet soooo much more powerful, I find myself having to create a million collumns because you can only check one box per cell. This makes smartsheet perform very very slowly and makes it harder to navigate the inforamtion you want to filter. It also makes filtering the tags/checkboxes you want to see harder as well. Smartsheet needs to integrate what Google Contacts has when grouping people into circles or categories, really simple concept.


Multiple Checkboxes.jpg


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