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We have an automated update request created, however, when it is triggered it sends a link to update all fields that need updating to all contacts within the sheet - as a result they are not using it as they cannot see which action is theirs to be updated

What we would like to happen is that the update for that row only goes to the trigger person within the condition is this possible have i missed something in setting the automation up?


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    You can set that up in the Automation Workflow and select that it should send the Update Request to a specific contact column from the sheet.

    Would that work?

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  • You can choose who the requests are sent to. You can configure them to be sent out to any of the following:

    • People in a Contact field for that row (for example: the Assignee)
    • Everyone shared to the sheet
    • People that you manually specify
    • Members of a channel in a third-party app such as Slack or Microsoft Teams

    If you have multiple people with different "roles" involved on work items in the sheet, you might want to set up a condition to send a different request Action - that has different fields selected for each role.

    If you can't get this working the way you want, please set up time with me and I'd love to help (and learn how we can make this easier).